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But STILES wearing Derek’s Letterman jacket. Derek and Stiles making out in the back of their school library. Derek asking Stiles to help him study. Them comparing their ideas about the books they’ve read. Derek taking Stiles out on a date. Them having a slow build relationship. Stiles being nerdy and snarky at the same time. Stiles in bow-ties. Stiles being dragged to one of Derek’s football games and trying to ignore it because sports but in the end getting excited in his own little way about seeing Derek on the field. OUTDATED COURTING PRACTICES. LOVE IS ON THE NEXT PAGE AU~


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Two sailors ca. 1940-1945. An image featured in the “Love and War” exhibit at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. More info on the exhibit can be found here.

The photo is usually seen cropped from the waist up, as it was in the 1980s when the activist organization ACT-UP used in it on a T-shirt in their Read My Lips campaign. But the print hanging in the Kinsey gallery is the original version. Below decks, the sailors’ flies are open, and they are, so to speak, crossing swords.”



Amber bought Legos and we all played with them as a Unicorn Empire team building exercise. We’re expanding our minds!!

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I feel like people who really want to understand being british should watch Blackadder.

I mean

people seem to think

we’re this super polite country

who drinks tea and eats crumpets

and spend all our time worshiping the monarch

but really we’re all twats

who speak with so much sarcasm you’ve no idea what we’re saying

Also it’s the best show ever made and has rowan atkinson so it ain’t a bad watch either.


Sterek AU: Stiles and Derek work at a tattoo parlor.


The Writer’s Prayer by Chuck Wendig, wallpaper by Amy Houser.


A common thing to do in film is to have characters who are supposed to be similar to one another or close to one another start dressing similarly. Though Stiles and Derek have yet to share a scene yet in 3b, Derek has spent most of the season looking for, thinking about, and talking about Stiles, and of course, they both keep wearing these ringer shirts. I’m not trying to draw any conclusions from this, because I have no idea what it might mean, but I’m pretty sure it means something.


Medieval, Gwrych Castle, Wales

photo via alice



Teen Wolf AU: In which pre-fire Derek was known as the town sweetheart and the nice kid and excellent student who helped everyone out, and everyone thinks Stiles will be a bad influence.  Based on this post.

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